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    Customer service


    Our Service Promises: Settle the problems before distinguishing the responsibility clearly.

    Machinery products can rarely achieve Perfect, as known to all. All enterprises may have the same question: what shall we do when problems emerged?

    As for customer within 300 kilometers, we offer 24-hour service; as for those within 500 kilometers, we offer 48-hour service; as for further, we’ll take the quickest action according to the distance.

    Our products won’t be approved before the end of installation and trail operation to guarantee quality. Customer’s signature has the final say.

    We prepare relevant training for all workers of customer before the formal operation of grate. Our technical personnel won’t leave until customer is sure of safe running of the equipment.  

    Strictly following the regulations issued by the machinery office, we’ll try our best to offer all-around service within the effective period of all our products.

    Our service promises will keep your company risk-free.

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