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    The regulation and control storm of steel industry is about to hit.

    Source:China Economic News Time:2013/04/29 Browsing volume:3282

    Due to environmental pressure, a more violent steel industry regulatory storm is coming: the use of market-oriented means, "retained pressure" to deal with industrial chaos.

    The so-called "retained pressure", that is, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will take different measures around the published "Standard Conditions for the Production and Operation of the Iron and Steel Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Standard Conditions"). For enterprises that do not conform to the norms, economic means and laws such as differential electricity prices, strict control of credit, investigation and punishment by the regulatory authorities, and assessment and accountability will be applied. Legal means will gradually reduce their living space and eventually force them to withdraw from the market; and enterprises that meet the criteria will be supported to carry out structural adjustment such as merger and reorganization, elimination of backward production capacity, technological transformation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and certain policy incentives and credit support will be given.

    Especially in the new situation, the state attaches great importance to environmental protection. This means that the focus on polluting the steel industry is a more important point in the coming years. Zhang Lin, a researcher at Lange Iron and Steel Information Research Center, analyzed the "China made news" reporter.

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