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    Members of the two sessions talk about iron and steel, accelerate the resolution of overcapacity in the steel industry

    Source:UPU steel network Time:2013/03/10 Browsing volume:3235

    In recent two weeks, the work of "two sessions" has been held in various provinces and cities throughout the country. Sun Chaohui, member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of the State Key Laboratory for the Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium and Titanium Resources at Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., told Xinhua Wednesday that China's iron and steel industry was on the edge of loss because of excessive domestic steel production capacity and the high price of imported iron ore which engulfed the meager profits of iron and steel enterprises. The company will speed up the resolution of overcapacity in the steel industry.

    The year 2012 was affected by a number of factors, including: the international economic downturn, the decline in China's economic growth, shrinking market demand, steel prices and so on, resulting in losses in the industry. Sun Chaohui said that the contradiction between supply and demand in the steel market is outstanding, and the domestic crude steel production capacity is expected to exceed 1 billion tons in 2013. In the interview, Sun Chaohui called on the government to make full use of the backward mechanism formed by the international financial crisis, strictly implement policies and measures such as standardizing the production and development of iron and steel enterprises, eliminating backward production capacity, speeding up the merger and reorganization of enterprises, so as to speed up the solution of excess capacity of the iron and steel industry and create a good environment for the sustained and healthy development of the iron and steel industry. Environment. "

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