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    Domestic information

    Experts say the steel market will be stronger than last year: Yu Gang, director of the steel logistics Commission of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said Feb. 28 that the domestic steel market is expected to perform better in 2013 than last year, but overcapacity will limit price rises. Yugang analysis said that this year's accelerated urbanization will stimulate investment and consumption growth, railway infrastructure and real estate investment is expected to accelerate growth, domestic steel market demand is expected to rise and maintain a high level. (source: China News Network)

    Last year, Ma Steel is expected to lose nearly 4 billion yuan to take over the "Loss King": in 2012, Ma Steel is expected to lose 3.72 billion to 3.95 billion yuan, exceeding the cumulative profit of 2.3 billion yuan in 2008-2011. Only 1 billion 200 million yuan was lost in the three quarter, a loss of 8623.6% over the same period last year. It is predicted that in 2013, Ma steel will become the "loser king" in the steel market. (source: your steel net)

    International Information

    Increased investment in India's rail budget for 2013 will boost steel demand: India's rail budget for 2013 will boost steel consumption, which is one of India's largest steel consumption sectors. Increased investment in the railway sector will benefit India's large steel producers, such as the India iron and steel authority. (source: Metallurgical exchange network)

    Vale's first quarterly loss in 11 years: On Feb. 27, local time, Vale reported net profit of about $4.86 billion in 2012, a 74% drop from 2011, and Tianjin Port was its worst performance since 2004. Especially in the fourth quarter of the year, Vale posted a net loss of 5,628, or $2.81 billion, the largest quarterly loss in Vale's history, much higher than the average forecast of $1.27 billion by analysts surveyed by Reuters. (source: your steel net)

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