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    More clearly defined docking plan, steel and other international production capacity layout outlined

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    Reporters recently found that many provinces and cities, including Jilin, Hebei, Liaoning and other places, have formulated and promulgated specific plans for international cooperation in production capacity. At the same time, from an international perspective, China-France, China-Latin America, China-Kazakhstan and other cooperation is also intensive, the international cooperation system mechanism is also accelerating. . Authoritative experts interviewed by reporters pointed out that international capacity cooperation is not to eliminate backward capacity, but to transfer China's comparative advantage of the industry to the market in demand. At present, the layout of international production capacity cooperation has already begun to show the outline, and the path of promoting foreign economic and trade cooperation zones has gradually become clear.
    In May this year, the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting International Cooperation in Production Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions). With the publication of this guiding document on promoting international cooperation in production capacity, the policy framework for international cooperation in production capacity has been basically established.
    After the central government put forward international capacity cooperation, the idea of local docking began to become clear, and many places formulated and promulgated a targeted work programme. It is reported that Jilin has recently formulated key projects for equipment manufacturing and international capacity cooperation to promote work plan. Next, Jilin will promote the construction of 60 key projects, delineating the Northeast Asian countries such as Russia and Mongolia, the countries along the "one belt" road, and Africa as the key areas. Hebei Province has also formulated a number of opinions to support international cooperation in advantageous production capacity, and identified the "4 + 1" advantageous industries such as steel, cement, glass, photovoltaic and equipment manufacturing as the key areas of production capacity cooperation. In addition, Liaoning and other places have formulated the implementation plan of international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation, and put forward the list of key industries, enterprises, products and projects.
    From the perspective of the current promotion path, the overseas economic and trade cooperation zone has become the preferred carrier. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, China is now establishing 118 economic and trade cooperation zones in 50 countries, of which 77 are located in 23 countries along the "one belt and one road". These overseas economic and trade cooperation zones have become the platform for Chinese enterprises'foreign investment cooperation and industrial agglomeration, and some of them have become incubators and models for local industrialization.
    From an international perspective, cooperation between China, France, China, Latin America, China and Kazakhstan is also being carried out. For example, China and Kazakhstan have formed a list of early harvest projects, including 48 projects, amounting to 30.3 billion US dollars; China and Belgium have signed 12 bilateral cooperation documents, amounting to more than 18 billion euros; the Chinese and French governments have jointly issued a joint declaration on developing third-party market cooperation; and China-Latin America capacity cooperation is also being exhibited in a new mode of "3 x 3". Wait. According to the person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, up to now, the National Development and Reform Commission has taken the lead in carrying out capacity cooperation with 12 countries.
    At the same time, with the birth of the cooperation mechanism between the Ministry of Production and the provinces, the third party cooperation and other mechanisms, the international production cooperation system mechanism construction is also accelerating.
    "It should be emphasized that international capacity cooperation is not to eliminate backward capacity, but to transfer the industries with comparative advantages to the market with demand. In addition, international cooperation in capacity is not exclusive, it is to attract enterprises from host countries and third parties by accelerating industrial clusters to promote industrialization in relevant countries. Xing Houyuan, an authoritative expert in the field of domestic and foreign investment and vice president of the Academy of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, clearly pointed out in an exclusive interview with reporters.
    From the perspective of the industry, Xing Houyuan believes that, not only in the "Guidance" mentioned in the steel, non-ferrous, building materials and other 12 major industries, more industries will face development opportunities. Infrastructure should go out, and producer services such as finance, electricity, telecommunications and logistics should also go out.
    From the regional perspective, it should be not only for developing countries, but also for developed countries and transition countries. "Cooperating with high-end markets and enterprises will help us better access intelligence, management, market channels and capital resources. Whether we can integrate resources globally and plan overall development situation is the key to lead the transnational industrial system in the future.

    In Xing Houyuan's view, international capacity cooperation is not only an important strategic deployment to follow the law of international industrial development, but also an important measure for China to cope with the new normal economy.
    "International capacity cooperation is a systematic project. It is not a problem that enterprises can solve simply by going out, nor can it be solved by making a few plans. International capacity cooperation should follow the law of international industrial development and conform to the law of market economy development. Xing Houyuan pointed out.

    She pointed out that the industrial characteristics of different regions are different, and different regions should promote economic and social development according to their own conditions in view of the new contradictions and problems in local economic development
    Next, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) will draw up an international capacity cooperation plan, establish a cooperation mechanism among relevant provinces, key enterprises and major financial institutions, expand bilateral capacity cooperation mechanism, promote the implementation of a number of key cooperation projects, and jointly develop third-party markets with developed countries. The Ministry of Commerce will also increase policy support. Through special funds, preferential loans, medium and long-term export credit insurance and other policies and means for foreign economic and trade development, we will focus on supporting foreign investment cooperation between advanced manufacturing industries and advantageous industries
    "The construction of overseas cooperative parks, which began in 2006, can be regarded as a pilot stage, laying a foundation and now it is time to formally enter the stage of accelerating the development of international capacity cooperation. This year

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